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Think Outside the Box: The Best Places to Display Your Sign

Having your company’s signage strategically placed both inside and outside could do wonders at helping your bring more traffic to your place of business. But how can you get the attention of your target demographic who are not near your store? Below are some location ideas that can help you get more exposure to your company.


If you have been to an airport recently, you may have noticed banners or digital signs hanging from the ceiling or walls. With thousands of people walking through the terminals, this is the perfect place to establish your company’s brand.


While people are standing on the elevator waiting for it to take them to their floor, you might as well use this as a marketing opportunity. Not only will your banner give them something to look at, they will also have a few seconds to read it and comprehend the message you are trying to relay.

Conference Rooms

Another lesser known place to promote your brand would be conference rooms. With an effective, eye-catching design, it could easily grab the attention of those who are sitting in a meeting.


Hotel lobbies especially are popular places for companies to promote their products and/or services. Why not try this location out yourself? With hundreds, possibly thousands, of people walking through the lobby each day, this is the perfect location to gain the exposure you want for your business.


Let the message from your signage sink in during the break of employees from other stores or offices. During this time, many of these people are enjoying their lunch or taking a break to socialize or read.Since these individuals will have a little time to relax, give them something to read with your signage.

All of these places can help you reach the customers you are aiming to reach. If there is an airport or business you would be interested in setting up your signage at, then give them a call to get pricing and placement information. Thinking outside the box by placing your signage at other venues will help make your company a successful one.

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